Sept 16 - Oct 21:

    Jonathan Forrest - "Building Blocks of Colour"
    Yechel Gagnon - "Midwinter Thaw"
Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art
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Art Consulting:

Helping build art collections, corporately or privately, is very important to Newzones. Taking into account budget, space, goals, and personal interests, Newzones can suggest specific artwork for a location or assemble an entire museum quality collection. We look forward to discussing and assisting with your future art needs.


Newzones is a member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada and works with them to provide appraisals for insurance, gift-giving, and valuation purposes.


Register for original, contemporary paintings, drawings, photography, and sculpture. Find artwork that you like, and with the help of friends and family, start collecting!

Art Rental:

Primarily for the film industry; please call gallery for further information