Sept 16 - Oct 21:

    Jonathan Forrest - "Building Blocks of Colour"
    Yechel Gagnon - "Midwinter Thaw"


     Dianne Bos - "The Sleeping Green" & Book Signing
     Rana Rochat - "Works on Paper"

  Opening Receptions: Saturday, Oct 28, from 2-4PM
Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art
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Selected Works by Vicky Christou
Vicky Christou Vicky Christou Vicky Christou Vicky Christou
Vicky Christou Vicky Christou Vicky Christou Vicky Christou
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Vicky Christou

To Vicky Christou, creating abstract paintings is a way of encoding an idea of a personal experience, and then having that idea translated to the viewer in a visual sense. Her most recent work is composed of multiple layers of thick impasto, which work together to form a grid with incredible depth. These structured paintings act as metaphorical images, wherein the outer layer suggests protection for the less visible and enclosed interior.

By applying the paint in layers, Christou is also creating an architectural surface which carries a physical solidity which appears both sculptural, and painterly. The application of the paint in repetitive patterns in various orders and consistency becomes an industrial system for Christou. The paint then becomes the object itself, instead of an illusionary device. Simplicity is a crucial standpoint for the artist: black and white lend themselves to the product of objectivity and works to keep viewers engaged with the sculptural nature of the artwork.

Christou was born in Melbourne, Australia, and immigrated to Canada in 1969 and is a graduate of the Emily Carr College of Art and Design.