Sept 16 - Oct 21:

    Jonathan Forrest - "Building Blocks of Colour"
    Yechel Gagnon - "Midwinter Thaw"


     Dianne Bos - "The Sleeping Green" & Book Signing
     Rana Rochat - "Works on Paper"

  Opening Receptions: Saturday, Oct 28, from 2-4PM
Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art
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Selected Works by Don Pollack
Don Pollack Don Pollack Don Pollack Don Pollack
Don Pollack Don Pollack Don Pollack Don Pollack
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Don Pollack

Painting with softness and delicate brushwork, Don Pollack's paintings embrace a quaint antiquarianism including the heavy varnish used in academic paintings.

Exploring the relationships between his own personal mythologies and those of the collective, Pollack’s paintings become living surfaces on canvas. Interested in the ways painting can contribute to the construction of identity, the images that result are a continual process of Pollack’s ideals.

The construction of identity is an important element in the artist’s paintings and from this perspective various issues are addressed during the course of creation: how painting can simultaneously reference impermanence and the transience of a single moment. Landscapes to Pollack are like shifting visions of photography, or stills from a movie.

Don Pollack received his BFA from the University of Illinois and his MFA from Ohio State University.