September 17 - October 15
   Bradley Harms: "Tilt"
   Samantha Walrod: "Distant and Familiar"
Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art
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Upcoming Exhibitions

Anda Kubis: "Chrominance"
October 22, 2016 - November 19, 2016
Artist reception: Saturday, October 22, 2016, 12:30-3:00 PM
at 730 11th Ave SW
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Spectra 9, 2016 ed./3
Archival Pigment Print
22" x 30"

Newzones is pleased to present "Chrominance", a solo exhibition by Anda Kubis.

Part of the new Abstraction movement in Canada, Kubis continues her play with colour, space and illusion. Due to the prominence of colour in her work, her research considers how a conscious engagement with aesthetics and creativity positively impact human flourishing and quality of life.

In addition to her painting practice, Kubis explores new media through a digital process that creates the foundation from which this new body of oil paintings and digital prints are produced. In finished form, the digital paintings exist beyond the screen where they are entirely informed by the digital software, chroma and layers, which modelled their creation. Although inspired by a digital source, the colour is material and substantial. The luminance - the glow within - is created through Kubis’ intentional play on hue and value perception. Colour is a positive means of aesthetic expression through mixing new and traditional approaches to image making.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Anda Kubis received her BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and her MFA at York University. For eight years, Kubis taught at York University and at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. Currently, Kubis is the Associate Dean of Outreach and Innovation in the Faculty of Art at OCAD University. In this role, she manages and develops the many external relationships that support rich opportunities for students and faculty members in the Faculty of Art.

Kubis' paintings have been widely exhibited across Canada in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout North America.

Kevin Sonmor
December 1, 2016 - January 14, 2017
Artist reception: Thursday, December 1, 2016, 5:30-7:30 PM
at 730 11th Ave SW
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Constitutional Going, 2016
Oil on Linen
84" x 60"

Newzones is pleased to present "An Evening Constitutional", a solo show by Kevin Sonmor.

In this new series, Kevin Sonmor is looking at ways to animate the paintings without allowing the paint itself to be the vehicle of animation. He's searching for it in the figures themselves and the properties of the subject, whether it be their expressions, gestures, movements or weight. These qualities are asking to be even more conscious of some formal elements of the paintings, such as scale and colour, as well as the level of naturalism or degree of abstraction within each painting. By doing so, Sonmor is expanding his vocabulary and hopes to add another layer to his continuing narrative as a painter.

Mark Daniel Cohen, a New York City-based artist/writer wrote of Sonmor: “…Sonmor paints with the certain craft of a master, with the sure touch of a virtuoso, not for the sake of the pride in technique but for something more imperative: for the efficacy of the art, for the sake of what art is for — the penetration through to a truth of our essential nature that we realize but cannot hold for more than the briefest moment.”

Born in Lacombe, Alberta, Kevin Sonmor completed his MFA at Concordia University in Montreal in 1991. Since then, he has exhibited widely across Canada, the US, and more recently, Europe. Sonmor has had solo exhibitions in several public galleries and museums, including University of Waterloo, Mendel Gallery in Saskatoon, Art Gallery of Mississauga and most recently, Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts in Quebec. In the fall of 2014, Sonmor had a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie in Alberta. Sonmor is a recipient of numerous Canada Council Grants and his work can be found in many private and public collections including the University of Waterloo, Art Gallery of Algoma and Government of Canada.

"Deck the Walls!" - Group Show
December 1, 2016 - January 14, 2017
Artist reception: Thursday, December 1, 2016, 5:30-7:30 PM
at 730 11th Ave SW
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Deck the Walls!

Newzones is pleased to announce the much-anticipated return of our holiday “Deck the Walls” exhibition!

Ever evolving, "Deck the Walls!" will present itself as an entire wall of small-to-medium sized artworks, perfect for gift-giving this holiday season. This salon-inspired exhibition will aim to entice viewers to give the spectacular gift of art for the holidays. "Deck the Walls!" is a fabulous opportunity to display a wide variety of artworks for all to enjoy. There is something for everyone!

Newzones will show work by a many gallery artists, such as Calgary-based Bradley Harms, Colleen Philippi and pinhole photographer Dianne Bos. Favourite painters like Kevin Sonmor, Anda Kubis, and Marie Lannoo will also be highlighted. Photo-based artists such as James Holroyd, Franco DeFrancesca, and Joshua Jensen-Nagle will be included. And not to be forgotten are Cathy Daley's iconic drawings of the female form.

"Deck the Walls!" is sure to inspire some wonderful gift-giving ideas - this event is not to be missed!

So, come one, come all, and take delight in our spectacular holiday wall!

"Perception" - Group Show
Saturday, February 4, 2017 - Saturday, March 4, 2017
Artist reception: Saturday, February 4, 2017, from 2-4PM
at 730 11th Ave SW
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Mt. Kerkeslin Lookout, 2014 ed /3
Inkjet on Somerset Paper
16" x 40"

Newzones is pleased to present “Perception”, running concurrently with Exposure 2017: Alberta’s Photography Festival.

“Perception” is an exciting presentation of Newzones' process-driven and photo-based artists, curated to showcase the methods that are employed in their creative process.

With the photograph at the core, “Perception” will explore artwork that is manipulated in many fashions: by way of hand with a selection of media, where photography becomes mixed with wax, paint or Plexiglas. Other artists use pinhole cameras or Polaroid film to achieve a specific effect, and some utilize digital means to create and alter the images, resulting in a different effect altogether. With all of these varying methods, it's up to the viewer to determine how the photos are created.

The exhibition will feature photographers Dianne Bos (Calgary), Franco DeFrancesca (Toronto), John Folsom (Atlanta, GA), James Holroyd (Calgary), Joshua Jensen-Nagle (Toronto) and Stuart McCall (Vancouver).

Cathy Daley
Saturday, March 11, 2017 - Saturday, May 6, 2017
Artist reception: Saturday, March 11, 2017, from 2-4PM
at 730 11th Ave SW
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Untitled 1004, 2015
Oil Pastel on Vellum
36" x 68"

Newzones is excited to announce a solo exhibition of new drawings by Cathy Daley.

At first glance, Cathy Daley's drawings are all frothy and savvy girlishness. Daley’s drawings, in fact, reflect an aesthetic driven by the contemporary figure yet coloured by post-feminist ideas surrounding the female form. Drawing from the world of high fashion, Daley’s work made with black oil pastel on white vellum is a contemporary exploration of both body politics and culturally accepted images of femininity.

These iconic drawings often point to the formulas behind many stereotypes, which are built on unrealistic ideals of perfection and cultural caricatures.

Born in 1955, Toronto, Ontario, Cathy Daley received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ontario College of Art in 1975. Her drawings have been widely exhibited across North America and Europe. Daley is a recipient of numerous awards and grants and her artworks can be found in collections all over the world, including the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada, the Canada Council Art Bank, The Art Gallery of Ontario, the Kelowna Art Gallery, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, amongst others.

Franco DeFrancesca
Saturday, May 13, 2017 - Saturday, June 24, 2017
Artist reception: Saturday, May 13, 2017, from 2-4PM
at 730 11th Ave SW
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Dynamo, 2016
Pigment Print on Panel with Resin
42" x 42"

Newzones is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Franco DeFrancesca.

Franco DeFrancesca explores digital/mixed media as a mode of creating abstraction in the form of an art object. His artwork investigates the links between art, memory, history and technology, using digital imaging as a means to navigate the territory between photography and painting. As a result of mixing references to photography and painting, these multi-media artworks represent reflections on contemporary visual culture charmed by minimalism, modernism, technology and futurism.

DeFrancesca’s artwork highlights the visual, temporal, and spatial qualities combined with the physical and tactile. Applying a keen sense towards craft and a reverence towards materials and processes, the abstract image is integrated with an exposed support of layered plywood, then encapsulated beneath crystalline resin, creating an ‘object of desire’. With its physical depth and highly polished glean, these works reference minimalist industrial design and refer obliquely to the urbane.

DeFrancesca has exhibited in Canada and the United States and his work can be found in corporate and public collections world-wide, including Cenovus Energy Inc., Talisman Energy, Encana and Enbridge Inc. (Calgary, AB) amongst others.

Newzones is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Franco DeFrancesca.