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Works from exhibition Timothy McDowell: Fragile Wild

Installation Shots
Timothy McDowell: Fragile Wild
Timothy McDowell   
April 14 - May 05, 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday April 14 from 1 - 4 PM Timothy McDowell in attendance

Newzones is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new encasutic paintings by Timothy McDowell.

Inspired by lush botanical imagery of 19th century American still life and landscape painters, Timothy McDowell works in the medium of encaustic to create rich, luminous surfaces covered with images of exotic flora and decorative icons borrowed from a wide range of cultures. This imagery portrays organic forms in an expansive, all-inclusive manner, incorporating the scientific as well as the idyllic associations with nature and our world.

Rooted in the modern visual vocabulary of the Surrealists and Abstract Expressionists, McDowell's paintings make reference to the history of botanical cataloging as well as to the history of artistic journals. In these quiet, often melancholic paintings, McDowell combines a historical and multicultural awareness with a language of beauty that has been lost in time.

McDowell was born in 1953 in Texas and obtained his BFA at the Midwestern State University and his MFA at the University of Arizona. His paintings have been exhibited widely across North America and Europe and can be found in many international collections including: The Bank of America, The William Benton Museum of Art, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. His work has been published in The Art of Encaustic Painting by Joanne Mattera and Flora by Four Contemporary Artists by Ivette Lee.