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    Jonathan Forrest - "Building Blocks of Colour"
    Yechel Gagnon - "Midwinter Thaw"
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Installation Shots
Christopher Kier   
Thursday April 3, 5-8 PM - April 26, 2003
Opening Reception:
Toronto artist Christopher Kier combines translucent encaustic surfaces with symbolic forms to create paintings that are visceral and meditative. Kier’s paintings are sensual and earthy, formed by a centuries-old encaustic painting process. This technically challenging medium demands skillfully applied layers of heated wax and raw pigment to create a sense of depth and permanence. In Kier’s case, the medium is handled with both deliberation and extreme delicacy.

Kier’s signature, centrally placed iconic images are positioned in an open, infinite space and are rich with symbolism. His organic surfaces imply sculptural presence by evoking the mysterious qualities of ancient ruins.  In this new series, the focus is architectural detailing. Depictions of acanthus leaves and other decorative relics reminiscent of ancient Greece are mixed with purely abstract panels of luminous, muted colour.

A recent review by Sascha Hastings in NOW Toronto magazine states, “Layer upon layer of pigmented wax makes the images appear to be floating in a kind of timeless isolation. This impression is heightened by the contrast of monochromatic backgrounds or side panels – cool greys and whites whose colours and surfaces Kier has manipulated to look like marble, stone or polished concrete.”  

The exhibition will be on view April 2003.