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Works from exhibition MARIE LANNOO: Thin Places
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Installation Shots
Marie Lannoo   
April 8, 2008 - May 6, 2008
Opening Reception:

Newzones is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new paintings by Marie Lannoo.

Moving between abstraction and representation, Lannoo's paintings exert a potent physiological effect on those who stand in front of them. Made up of many fluid layers, these simmering surfaces subtly shift in colour and texture as you move around them. With her new work in Thin Spaces, Lannoo is pushing the boundaries and opening up possibilities of colour by incorporating scientific queries in poetic and metaphoric ways.

Of this process Lannoo states: "Working with transparent layers of acrylic colour is like working with a gymnast. Color is elastic. It can expand and contract. It can stretch, bend, contort, fold, glow, and hover. It can inhabit space in a durational way that is both mesmerizing and enveloping. It can make time stop and exist in a continuum with no beginning and no end."

Part of a provocative dialogue with Saskatchewan's painting history, Lannoo's works have, in the words of Timothy Long, head curator at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, "reinvigorated the traditions of abstraction that have persisted in Saskatchewan for over four decades." Marie Lannoo is steadily becoming one of Canada's leading abstractionist painters.

Lannoo was born in 1954 in Delhi, Ontario. She attended the University of Saskatchewan and studied painting at the Banff School of Arts as well as in Virton, Belgium. Her work has been shown in exhibitions throughout Canada and internationally. The Government of Alberta, Canada Council Art Bank, University of Saskatchewan and many more have purchased Lannoo's work. Much has been written about her paintings, most recently in the Western Living Magazine, Calgary Herald, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Canadian Art.

Lannoo was also recently included in Roald Nasgaard's new book 'Abstract Painting in Canada'.