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Works from exhibition Joshua Jensen-Nagle - "American Vacations"
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Installation Shots
Joshua Jensen-Nagle - "American Vacations"
Joshua Jensen-Nagle   
October 25, 2008 - November 22, 2008
Opening Reception: 1-4 pm

     Newzones is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new photo-based work by Joshua Jensen-Nagle.

Playing on the idea of nostalgia and memory, Jensen-Nagle's new body of work features reconstructed urban scenes from various vacation destinations around the world.  Starting with small paintings done on postcards, which are then re-photographed and enlarged, these playful works address our romanticized adherence to memory.  This series continues Jensen-Nagle's exploration of both beach and urban scenes and the manner in which consumerism can be linked to nostalgia.

American Vacations essentially works as snapshots of Jensen-Nagle's childhood memories.  The subject of motels intrigued him as they represent vacationing and the urge to forget everyday life.  People go to them to get lost in, to find momentary happiness and escape.

Jensen-Nagle also believes that postcards convey the idea of happiness and perfection through their staged compositions. Thus they became the collection of images for these works. Yet, for Jensen-Nagle, the concept of 'perfect' is laughable and almost surreal. Beyond the underlying theme, the images are about beauty, a certain nostalgic beauty seen at the edges of mundane.  These new works are Hollywood snapshots of contradiction.

Originally from New Jersey, Joshua Jensen-Nagle moved to Toronto to pursue his artistic education at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in 1999.  Since graduating in 2003, Jensen-Nagle has experimented with image formats, production techniques and materials.  Jensen-Nagle has, in the past, used toy cameras, pinhole cameras, and expired Polaroid film.  His work has been collected world wide and has exhibited in both Canada and the USA