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Works from exhibition James Holroyd - "Portraits"
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Installation Shots
James Holroyd - "Portraits"
James Holroyd   
November 27, 2008 - January 11, 2009
Opening Reception: 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Newzones is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new photographs by Calgary-based James
Holroyd entitled 'Portraits.'

For Holroyd, the photographic portrait is a form of intimate theatre. Here, within the photo's construct,
a momentary performance is recorded. The portrait captures the sometimes rehearsed, sometimes
improvised identity of the subject; lighting, setting, positioning, plotting, all contribute to the
externalization of the individual's inner world.

The works in this exhibition are shot with a pinhole camera and printed in Bromoil (a photographic
medium popular in the early 20th century), creating anachronistic images in limbo between past and
present. The subjects of the portraits are quite unexpected and are chosen from Holroyd's extensive
toy collection. The resulting images are quirky and often surreal, offering interesting insight into the
conventional notion of the portrait.

Holroyd's 'Portraits' runs until January 11, 2009.

James Holroyd has been experimenting with pinhole photography for the last fifteen years. The soft focus of the pinhole gives his imagery an illusive quality and allows it to feel as though it has emerged directly out of memory, as if it has arrived with its own history. This suggestive quality is furthered by his use of early photographic processes, aligning his work with the interests of the photographic movement the Antiquarian Avant-Garde.

Holroyd has a Masters Degree in English literature and teaches in the Artstream program, a joint project between Bow Valley College and the Alberta College of Art and Design.