Sept 16 - Oct 21:

    Jonathan Forrest - "Building Blocks of Colour"
    Yechel Gagnon - "Midwinter Thaw"
Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art
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Works from exhibition JAMES HOLROYD: REPOSE
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Installation Shots
James Holroyd   
September 20, 2003 - October 18, 2003
Opening Reception: 1pm - 4pm James Holroyd in attendance
Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening of Repose, a solo exhibition in the ‘On Paper’ Gallery of intelligent, new photographic artworks by Calgary artist James Holroyd.

Born in 1959, James Holroyd has a Masters of English from the University of Alberta.  Primarily a self-taught photographer, James has been exploring pinhole photography as a medium to examine the narratives created by the relationships between objects.  James employs dramatic lighting and unusual viewpoints to capture representations of positive and negative space, reflections, shadows, texture, and captured moments.  He mounts photographic transparencies in sculptural boxes, skillfully creating curiously lit objects that entice the viewer with their poetic tendencies.

I like to find
What’s not found
At once, but lies
in repose, distinct.

-Denise Levertov