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Works from exhibition Samantha Walrod - "Daydream in Transit"
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Samantha Walrod - "Daydream in Transit"
Samantha Walrod   
September 12 - 2009
Opening Reception: September 12, 1-4 pm Samantha Walrod in attendance

Newzones is pleased to present the debut exhibition of new painting by young, up-and-coming Calgary-based artist Samantha Walrod.

In Current Projects Journal, K. Adrian Yip writes that: "Samantha Warold's drawings have their place somewhere between a garden and the diary of a young girl." As a continuing series, Walrod's new collage paintings act as a diary recalling personal relationships and moments of self-discovery. Floral motifs grow out of a C-train pole or a pair of antlers, before receding back into the paint blobs or ink splashes. In her painting process, synthetic filters (pixels and bright unnatural colors) depict memories of childhood, recall friendships and record activities of simple daily living such as taking Calgary Transit.

Walrod's collage paintings narrate the experience of remembering. Their images and colors come from experiences and mediated encounters withtechnologies such as computers, television, and mass-produced objects. Memories of intimate relationships shift and return drawn and collaged as animal or plant forms. These layers of paint are symbolic of the mind's ability to retain detailed information of an event while at the same time leaving some areas/memories muted or cloudy.

Despite her aversion to the computer surface, Walrod uses computer technology in the creation of her work. Colors are manipulated with Photoshop and printed images are collaged under and over paint. The work participates with both hand and machine combining memory and symbol in delicate layers of lush colour and imagery.

Walrod is a recent graduate with distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design.