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Works from exhibition Sarah Nind - "Re: development"

Installation Shots
Sarah Nind - "Re: development"
Sarah Nind   
Jan 22 - Feb 26
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 5, 1 - 4 pm

Newzones is pleased to announce the new solo exhibition, "Re: development" by Sarah Nind.

"Re: development" is a new body of photographic work which uses fragments of photographs and mixed media which are later rephotographed to create images which serve to recall memory while also serving as memorabilia. The image of urbanity and our relationship to the constructed environment in which we live is addressed by this body of work.

While the majority of these images were shot in China, there are several which are vague as to their exact location, or even time period. This allows the work to probe the viewer, and makes one consider how images can manipulate memory and the perception of reality, as the juxtaposition of fragmented images works to trigger fragments of memory.

The images explore the dichotomy of possibilities and realities of the contemporary Beijing landscape, and are meant to record the rapid transformation of the urban fabric of today's Beijing. The images also serve as documentation of the old and historic vs. the new and contemporary.

Rather than being a dramatic narrative, Sarah Nind's work questions history, the construction of time as a lineal process and the distinction between the real and the virtual.

This body of work was also on display as a solo exhibition in 2010 at ARTBANK 1, Beijing, China.

Sarah Nind attended the Ecole des beaux-arts, Paris in 1979. In 1994 she completed a Master's degree in Fine Arts from York University. Nind has exhibited extensively throughout Canada and the United States.