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Works from exhibition Joshua Jensen-Nagle: "Dark Nights and Quiet Rooms"
Joshua Jensen-Nagle - Dwindling Time in Admont Abbey, 2012, ed/7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - Melk Abbey, 2012, ed/7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - A Quiet Light, 2013-14, ed/7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - I Kinda Like This Feeling of Being Left Behind, 2013-14, ed/7
Joshua Jensen-Nagle - A Quiet Expression, 2013-14, ed/7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - Slowing Lights II, 2013-14, ed/7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - Always In My Dreams, 2013-14, ed/7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - Quiet Lights, 2013-14, ed/7
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Installation Shots
Joshua Jensen-Nagle: "Dark Nights and Quiet Rooms"
Joshua Jensen-Nagle   
Saturday, April 26, 2014 - Saturday, June 28, 2014
Opening Reception: 1 - 4 pm


Newzones is pleased to present, "Dark Nights and Quiet Rooms", a solo exhibition of new photographs by Joshua Jensen-Nagle.

A process-oriented artist, Joshua Jensen-Nagle has explored the use of photography as a medium to create, rather than to document a reality. His photographs are altered multiple times, using filters of glass, smoke and water to name only a few. By employing such manipulations, the artist's photographs create strong feelings of nostalgia and reflection. Upon viewing the images, a memory is triggered. One is reminded of a particular time in life and the emotions and memories resurface. Often, small details of a photograph are lost through the processes, creating a dream state offering fantasy and illusion to viewers, yet still allowing one to recognize the places which are being depicted.

Joshua Jensen-Nagle received a BFA at Ryerson University 2004 and has since participated in over 70 solo and group exhibitions across North America, including "Through the Looking Glass" at the Glenbow Museum in 2008. He has been featured in numerous periodicals such as Harper's Magazine, Toronto Life, Photolife Magazine, National Post, Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald, Swerve, Canadian Art, Galleries West, FFWD, and Canadian House and Home. His artwork can be found in private and corporate collections world-wide, including those of Cirque de Soleil, Ryerson University, First Energy Petroleum Ltd, and MasterCard, to name a few.