Sept 16 - Oct 21:

    Jonathan Forrest - "Building Blocks of Colour"
    Yechel Gagnon - "Midwinter Thaw"
Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art
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Works from exhibition "Flora" - Group Show
Dianne Bos - Padua Botanical #13, 2013 ed /10 Dianne Bos - Padua Botanical #12, 2013 ed /10 Dianne Bos - Padua Botanical #9, 2013 ed /10 Yehouda Chaki - Flowers 235-A, 1995
Alex Katz - Yellow Tulips, 2014 ed /50 Donald  Sultan - White Tulips and Vase, Feb 25, 2014 ed. /50 Donald  Sultan - Black Tulips and Vase, Feb 26, 2014 ed. /50
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Installation Shots
"Flora" - Group Show
Group Show
Saturday, July 5, 2014 - Saturday, August 23, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 5, 1-4 pm

         Newzones is pleased to present "Flora". This summer, Newzones will celebrate summer with a group exhibition exploring the contemporary side of nature and flowers.

Centering on a botanical theme, this group exhibition will showcase Newzones artists' diverse approach to plant life as subject matter. Working invarious mediums from painting to print-making and photography, each artist utilizes unique processes within their medium. While "Flora" will bea survey of the different active processes artists use to capture their subject matter, it will also demonstrate the similarities. Some may see theimagery of flora through a 'romantic' lens, or capture it in a documentary style, and others may take a more painterly approach. We invite everyoneto stop into the gallery to see for themselves!

Artists included: Dianne Bos (Calgary), Chaki (Toronto), James Holroyd (Calgary), Joshua Jensen-Nagle (Toronto), Alex Katz (New York),Colleen Philippi (Calgary), Rana Rochat (Atlanta), Kevin Sonmor (Quebec), and Donald Sultan (New York).