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Works from exhibition Joshua Jensen-Nagle: "Endless Summer"
Joshua Jensen-Nagle - Getting Whisked Away, 2016, edition of 7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - I Will Take You Away, 2016, edition of 7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - In the Brightness of My Day, 2016, edition of 7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - Bathing In Bliss, 2015, ed. /7
Joshua Jensen-Nagle - Ipanema I, 2016, edition of 7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - Ipanema II, 2016, edition of 7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - Swimmers of Rio I, 2016, edition of 7 Joshua Jensen-Nagle - Swimmers of Rio II, 2016, edition of 7
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Installation Shots
Joshua Jensen-Nagle: "Endless Summer"
Joshua Jensen-Nagle   
Saturday, May 14, 2016 - Saturday, June 25, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 14, 2-4pm Joshua Jensen-Nagle in attendance

Newzones is pleased to present “Endless Summer”, a solo exhibition by Joshua Jensen-Nagle.

This latest beach series is a culmination of 12 years of working with the beach as a subject. The inspiration began in Jensen-Nagle’s childhood, as he would spend his summers at the beach. Earlier works were crafted using vintage Polaroid cameras and old postcards that created the feeling of dreamy nostalgia. Now, using modern day cameras, Jensen-Nagle is able to create awe-inspiring images that can appear both faraway and somehow, reachable. His scenes either evoke fond memories, or capture crisp vistas that you can walk right into.

To add another perspective to his series of iconic beaches, Jensen-Nagle photographed from a helicopter, mastering aerial imagery. At first glance, these works may read as abstract, but upon a further inspection, umbrellas, sunbathers, swimmers and surfers scatter about the scene to create colourful and inspiring imagery. Distinctly Jensen-Nagle, the photographs refuse to document a moment in time, rather forcing the viewer to perceive it as a dream of the distant past or faraway future.

Joshua Jensen-Nagle received a BFA at Ryerson University 2004. He has been featured in Photolife, National Post, Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald, Canadian Art, Galleries West, Swerve, Avenue, FFWD and Canadian House and Home. He has become a prominent fixture in the Canadian art community for the past decade. He has developed a strong standing in the art world and has been collected by Cirque de Soleil, Ryerson University, First Calgary Petroleum Ltd, MasterCard, GMP Securities, Repsol and Bennett Jones LLP to name a few.