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Works from exhibition COLLEEN PHILIPPI: Retrospective: a series of Wunderkabinetts
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Installation Shots
COLLEEN PHILIPPI: Retrospective: a series of Wunderkabinetts
Colleen Philippi   
May 11, 2006 - June 30, 2006
Opening Reception: Thursday May 11, 2006 from 5:30 to 8:00pm Colleen Philippi in attendance

Newzones is thrilled to announce an exhibition of mixed media artworks by Calgary artist Colleen Philippi.

Colleen Philippi is an extraordinary artist whose life experiences and travels have led to the uniqueness of her work. She has lived in Berlin and Paris and has traveled throughout Europe and the former Soviet Union. Her artwork immediately captures the attention. A sense of mysticism comes from the artist's highly creative and personal visual vocabulary; secrets, treasures, allegories, astronomy, poetry, memory, mysteries of the past, time and space... all have a presence and a place.

About Retrospective: a series of Wunderkabinetts Colleen writes:

"This is not a traditional retrospective. Nor is it merely a history of my painting career. All of the pieces in this retrospective are new, completed in 2006. Some of them have had long gestations (so long, in fact, that they themselves are "one piece retrospectives"), while others were painted entirely in 2006. Rather, it is the idea of retrospective that became the unifying concept for this body of work. Being both the Artist featured in and the Curator of my own retrospective, I have been able to engage in a dialogue with the history of my own process.

2007 will mark the twentieth anniversary of my first solo show. Perhaps this awareness, lurking in the recesses of my consciousness, awakened the desire to look back and return to some of the concepts, themes, and other visual obsessions that have held me in thrall: memory, time, play, narrative, mystery, disparities of scale, games, wunderkabinetts, cosmology, islands, maps, gardens (especially those in the French Formal tradition), natural history, birds, various scientific theories, portraits of people and toys, paperdolls, architecture, numbers, letters, literary excerpts, pattern, movement, layering. The project was not to merely revisit "past hits," but to see how reusing and recombining elements of my visual grammar could create new visual narratives, fingerposts. Creatively speaking, I have been walking forward while looking backwards, reviewing into the future . . ."