Dianne Bos – “The Sleeping Green” – 2015

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Dianne Bos – “The Sleeping Green”

Opening Reception: 2-4pm

Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce “The Sleeping Green, No Man’s Land 100 Years Later”, a solo exhibition by Dianne Bos.

Through this series, Dianne Bos examines the historic battlegrounds of World War I. The pinhole photography techniques she uses produce still images of a passage of time. She explores how time has changed the landscape of these historic battlegrounds 100 years later. In ways other than the presence of memorials, does a memory of that past persist at these sites? Tens of thousands of people who were killed in that war are part of the landscape. Is there a memory in the soil, water, plants, and trees of their presence? Does an echo of war still resonate in the sky above?

If you are a follower of pinhole photography, chances are that you are aware of photographer Dianne Bos. Bos has exhibited internationally in numerous group and solo exhibitions since 1981 and her pinhole photographs have been included in important international exhibitions in Italy, Spain, France, Syria, and Japan as well as solo exhibitions across Canada. These include ‘Light Echo’, an innovative installation at the McMaster Museum of Art linking celestial and earthly history in collaboration with astronomer Doug Welch; It’s You!: Unexpected Photographs from Papua New Guinea, at the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Art Gallery, PEI.; and Reading Room at the Cambridge Galleries, which explored the book as a camera. In 2011, Bos was also awarded the public art design commission by the City of Calgary for its lamp-post banners.


Opening Reception: Saturday, October 2nd, 2015, from 2-4PM. Exhibition runs from Saturday, October 2nd, to Saturday, November 21st, 2015.

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