Sophie Jodoin “Open Letters” – 2013

Sophie Jodoin, “Open Letters”

Newzones is pleased to announce a new solo exhibition, “Open letters”, by Sophie Jodoin.

This new series of drawings by Sophie Jodoin stems from an ongoing body of work about book dedications and interrupted, long-term communication with a loved one. In this exhibition, Jodoin turns personal letters into open letters by the simple act of presenting viewers with drawings of emptied envelopes. What is private becomes public, and though nothing is revealed – the contents have been removed and remain hidden – intimacy remains. These disappearing objects, near-relics in an era of overwhelming digital communication, invite contemplation. They become containers of our past, of former relationships and possible beginnings; of temporary comforts, desires, fears, and loves both told and untold.

Cara Ellison has written, regarding book dedications, that “They are sidebars. Whispers. Asides. Postscripts. They are a personal message enclosed in the most public document in the world.” The same could be said of what any ordinary envelope might enclose and address – private correspondence, a love letter, expressions of condolence, homesickness, solace…

Born in Montreal, Sophie Jodoin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Concordia University and then studied anatomy at the New York Academy of Art. Her drawings have been widely exhibited across Canada, the United States and Europe in both solo and group shows. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout North America and Europe.

  • Installation of Sophie Jodoin,
  • Installation of Sophie Jodoin,
  • Installation of Sophie Jodoin,
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