“Masters of Abstraction/Newzones Now” – Group Exhibition – 2013

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“Masters of Abstraction/Newzones Now” – Group Exhibition – 2013

Newzones is pleased to announce the group exhibit, Masters of Abstraction / Newzones Now.  This exhibition will feature selected works from acclaimed abstract artists Jack Bush (1909-1977), William Perehudoff (1918-2013), Gershon Iskowitz (1921-1988), and senior artists Charles Arnoldi (b. 1946), and Ron Shuebrook (b. 1943). Along-side the works of these Modern and senior artists, Newzones will be presenting the next generation of abstract talent including Michael Batty, Shayne Dark, Jonathan Forrest, Bradley Harms and Marie Lannoo. This juxtaposition forges a dialogue between the modernist voice of abstraction and abstraction today.

A visual language of form and colour, Abstraction has been explored fervently by artists world-wide for the past two centuries. Each of these Newzones Masters have established themselves on top in the abstract world with unique approaches to style and technique.

Abstraction is wide-spread across Canada.  In the late 1950’s William Perehudoff (Saskatoon) was influenced by his friend Jack Bush(Toronto).  As they entered the 1960’s, art critic Clement Greenberg (New York) glamorized the Prairies and welcomed all artists to remote Canada to enjoy our beautiful landscape.   The foundation of Abstraction in Canada was created with line form and color!

Just like Jack Bush and William Perehudoff, Gershon Iskowitz (Toronto) stopped painting representational scenes from his past in the mid 50’s and turned to the Canadian landscape. A major change in his painting style occurred in 1967 when a Canada Council grant permitted him to view our landscape from a helicopter. His painting became explosions of colour and light

Thus, the late Jack Bush, late Gershon Iskowitz and late William Perehudoff who became associated with all the high profile names internationally, mentored the next generations of abstract painters in Canada.

Staying true to his Modern mentors, Ron Shuebrook’s career spans almost half a century of creative practice and as a result he has influenced two generations of important Canadian Abstract painters.  Like Senior Canadian painter Ron Shuebrook, Charles Arnoldi has been creating art in the United States for over 40 years, inspiring the next generations of West Coast painters.

Part of the vibrant “Now” generation of Abstract artists, Saskatoon painters Jonathan Forrest and Marie Lannoo were close friends with the late William Perehudoff.  Jonathan Forrest’s boldly coloured acrylic paintings playfully reference post-war abstract painting. But instead of introspectively exploring the canvas, Forrest’s layered works lift from the surface, tactfully invading the viewers’ space.  Marie Lannoo references light, form and color, while exerting a potent physiological effect on those who stand in front of them. Lannoo’s multi-layered works play with both the perception of painting and refraction of light.

Bradley Harms (Calgary/Vancouver) and Michael Batty (Vancouver) explore painting as a tool to address the contemporary experience.  Both use the delicately modulated line to trump the manufactured aesthetic with the hand-made.  Bradley Harms paints with mechanical conviction borrowed from the digital art world and Michael Batty’s paintings reference the blank sheet of paper with precise and exact strokes of color.  The resulting markings utilize intuitive color combinations and free flowing composition.

Shayne Dark’s sculptural work results from a rhythmic and organic process involving ideas, feelings, images, formal play and structural necessity. Every aspect of the process has the potential to hold meaning, to draw upon and focus our physical and perceptual experience of the world.           

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