“G’ddy Up!” – Group Exhibition – 2013

“G’ddy Up!” – Group Exhibition – 2013

Newzones is pleased to announce the return of the annual group exhibition, “G’ddy Up!” during Stampede in Calgary this July.

“G’ddy Up!” will display artworks by artists who seek to explore the contemporary cowboy culture as well as those who implement aspects of this culture in formal exploration through painting, photography, and sculpture.

While “G’ddy Up!” is sure to please those looking for some good ol’ western iconography, it will also demonstrate that the Wild West has changed – and has much more to offer these days than just the cowboy. “G’ddy Up!” will survey artwork by artists who diffuse the image of the “Wild West” into a “West” that is elegant, cosmopolitan and vibrant. A “West” where contemporary artists live and work, while producing world class art.

The Calgary Stampede brings the city to life with pulsating cowboy culture, and Newzones is no exception!

Artists included: Joe Andoe, Dianne Bos, Cathy Daley, Nancy Friedland, Joshua Jensen-Nagle, David Robinson, Kevin Sonmor and Samantha Walrod.

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