“Perception” – Group Exhibition – 2019


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Newzones is pleased to present Perception, running concurrently with Exposure 2019: Alberta’s Photography Festival.

Perception is an exciting presentation of Newzones’ process-driven and photo-based artists, curated to showcase the methods that are employed in their creative process.

With the photograph at the core, Perception will explore artwork that is manipulated in many fashions: by way of hand with a selection of media, where photography becomes mixed with wax, paint or Plexiglas. Other artists use pinhole cameras or Polaroid film to achieve a specific effect, and some utilize digital means to create and alter the images, resulting in a different effect altogether. With all of these varying methods, it’s up to the viewer to determine how the photos are created.

The exhibition will feature photographers Dianne Bos (Calgary), Axel Breutigam (Vancouver), Franco DeFrancesca
(Toronto), John Folsom (Atlanta, GA), Virginia Mak (Toronto), Don Maynard (Kingston), Stuart McCall (Vancouver), and Sarah Nind (Toronto).

Featuring new photographic work from Michael Batty:

Michael Batty graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver in 1989 with a major in painting, attended the renowned artist workshops in Emma Lake, Saskatchewan, and studied printmaking at The Art Institute at Capilano College in Vancouver. Batty’s paintings can be found in collections around the world, including the Waldorf Astoria in Beijing, China, W Guangzhou, China, Four Seasons, Dubai, UAE, and Bank of Montreal in Calgary and Toronto, to name a few.

Well known for his two dimensional paintings, Batty explores pictorial concerns within the mediums of drawing and painting. His newest “Prop” series marks a pivotal moment in his practice – the expanding of his interests in kinetic art into three dimensions. Of this new interest, Batty states:

“I became interested in finding a new location for my paintings. In the studio, I began to focus on the perceptival vantage point of the corner of a room; a point where two converging lines meet. Once I viewed this as a potential site for my work, this location of two separate planes transformed my sensibilities. I began to envision the possibility of three dimensional, sculptural works.”

Batty’s previous interests in two dimensional concerns give way to a new physicality, one of balance, friction, and mass. The coloured shapes are arranged in a delicate balance with no underlying armature or support, creating a cascading form that extends down and out from the corner of the room and onto the floor. Despite being meticulously assembled, the work gives the impression of precarity – the shapes could easily have tumbled into this formation on their own.

As these captivating installations are temporary to the space they are in, Michael Batty chose photography as a medium to capture the equivalent experience to seeing the real objects. The photographs allow the installations to exist as permanent works of art.

Exhibition runs from Saturday, February 2 – Saturday, March 2, 2019

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Joshua Jensen-Nagle at Newzones, February 2019Deck the Walls! 2013 at Newzones, Calgary