Joshua Jensen-Nagle – “Alpine” – 2012


Joshua Jensen-Nagle – “Alpine”

Newzones is pleased to present an exhibition of new photo-based artwork by Joshua Jensen-Nagle.


A process-oriented artist, Jensen-Nagle’s photographs are altered multiple times, through means of applying paint, submerging prints into tanks of dyed water, and photographing through filters such as glass, to name only a few. Each time the resulting photo is altered, it is reshot again, to the artist’s satisfaction. The final product is distorted, through Jensen-Nagle’s many manipulations.


The soft crunch of skis through powder. The vast, blank canvas of the mountains. The trees subdued by the weight of snow. The drifting strains of…hair metal? Joshua Jensen-Nagle is able to evoke all this and more as he brings his “Alpine” series to Newzones, firmly stamping all that is campy and fun onto our Rocky Mountain landscape.


Jensen-Nagle has been featured in Photolife (2010), National Post (2010), Galleries West (2010), and Canadian House and Home (2009). His artwork has been collected world wide, including Cirque de Soleil, Ryerson University, First Energy Petroleum Ltd, Master Card International and Talisman Energy. Jensen-Nagle also participated in Glenbow Museum’s exhibition “Through the Looking Glass” in 2008.

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