Franco DeFrancesca – “Furniture Music” – 2011


Franco DeFrancesca – “Furniture Music”

Newzones is pleased to announce the solo exhibition “Furniture Music” by Franco DeFrancesca.

The notion of furniture as an object relates significantly to the mixed media component of Franco DeFrancesca’s visual art production. Apart from the digital/optical component of his work, the quality of the completed artwork as an object and craftsmanship are important to the experience of DeFrancesca’s artwork.

DeFrancesca’s new series, “Furniture Music” works to unite aspects of both the physical and tactile with temporal and spatial qualities, to provide viewers with an experience that not only is accessible by the eye, but the other senses as well.

Furniture Music’ is an appellative coined by French composer Erik Satie at the turn of the 20th century. It refers to a continuously repeating series of short musical scores that were designed to be experienced as background or ambient music. This desired ‘wallpaper’ effect intended by Satie as a means to transcend the spectacle of the musical performance, would establish ‘Furniture Music’ as a precursor to various musical genres such as Minimalist, Ambient and Space music.

Applying a keen sense towards craft and a reverence towards materials and processes, the abstract image integrated to an exposed support of layered plywood and encapsulated beneath crystalline resin, become an ‘object of desire’. With its physical depth and highly polished glean, these works reference minimalist industrial design and refer obliquely to the urbane, with the notion of ‘Furniture Music’ perhaps fulfilling its ironic premise serving as brand identity.

As a multidisciplinary artist since 2004, DeFrancesca has been exhibiting art and art projects ranging from sculpture/installation, photography, digital art, and sound art exploring narratives and representations that materialize notions of media, technology, art history, and pop culture. DeFrancesca graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design in 1990. His work has exhibited in Canada and the United States and is included in various private and corporate collections throughout North America and Europe.

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 16, 1-4 pm Franco DeFrancesca in attendance. Exhibition runs from Saturday, April 16, to Saturday, May 14, 2011.

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