Marie Lannoo – “In The Magnetic Field” – 2010


Marie Lannoo – “In The Magnetic Field”

Newzones is pleased to announce “In the Magnetic Field”: Marie Lannoo’s first commercial exhibition following her solo show, “Through and Through and Through” at the Mendel Art Gallery earlier this year.


“In the Magnetic Field” is a continuation of the work shown at the Mendel Art Gallery. Moving between abstraction and representation, Lannoo’s paintings exert a potent physiological effect on those who stand in front of them. Made up of many fluid layers, these simmering surfaces subtly shift in colour and texture as you move around them.


Roald Nasgaard makes the following comments in “Marie Lannoo’s Existence Art”, which is included in the catalogue for “Through and Through and Through”:


“Lannoo’s work draws the viewer deep into internal illusions replete with reflected invasions from the external world. At the same time, it reaches out to embrace and enfold itself around the body of the viewer, who sees the world as if with eyes in the back of his/her head…Lannoo significantly sheds her means of physical presence in favour of transparency and luminosity, for materials with a capacity to hold, radiate and reflect light, mirroring the world as well as reanimating it with colour.”


Lannoo was born in 1954 in Delhi, Ontario. She attended the University of Saskatchewan and studied painting at the Banff School of Arts as well as in Virton, Belgium. Her work has been shown in exhibitions throughout Canada and internationally. The Government of Alberta, Canada Council Art Bank, University of Saskatchewan and many more have purchased Lannoo’s work.

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