David Robinson – “Works on Paper” – 2009


David Robinson – “Works on Paper”

Newzones is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by sculptor David Robinson.

David Robinson’s sculptures can be both intimate and monumental, demonstrating a great command of media and skill as a figurative artist. His sculptures are juxtapositions of urban architectural settings and the human form encapsulating a modernistic approach to a very classical domain in art — that of the human nude.

On his work, Robinson states: “In a deep enough sleep, the body can breathe under water or fly through the air. These sculptures are the working outcomes of waking dreams, born under the same sign as their nocturnal counterparts. That is, the same quickening of the mind that gives rise to a briefly sustained but absolute belief in some as yet untapped potential.”

Featuring a new body of work, Robinson’s latest exhibition will reflect humankind’s presence in the city, a place where our existence is so often incidental to the larger visions that fuel its artifice. These works are meant to project a sense of place, connected not only by the bricks and mortar of urban infrastructure, but by the infrastructure of a human community without which a city is no place at all.

Born in Toronto, Ontario in 1964, David Robinson received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Ontario College of Art in 1987. Since then, David Robinson has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions.

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