Franco DeFrancesca – “Ambient Field” – 2009


Franco DeFrancesca – “Ambient Field”

Newzones Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by Franco DeFrancesca.


Infused and awash in colours characteristic of computer video games and animated children’s television programs, Franco DeFrancesca’s vibrant works recall the colour-field and the elemental geometry of mid to late twentieth century Post-painterly Abstraction, Minimalism and Op-art. Spawning from the liquid crystal, concentric rings form nipples and eyeball-like globes that seem to blink a moment before being

dispersed, while chromatic ribbons appear to recede and advance alluding to a non-delineated, but deep pictorial space.


Desiring to create a hybrid art object, DeFrancesca’s digital images are mounted on layered plywood support structures and enveloped in translucent epoxy resin. The vitreous membrane softens the picture’s edges to form a crystalline lozenge. The resulting combinaiton marries the hand-hewn with the hyper-real quality of a highly designed manufactured object. DeFrancesca’s resin pours are labor-intensive – somewhat counterintuitive to the untouched quality he achieves as a final result.


DeFrancesca uses digital imaging as a means to navigate the territory between photography and painting. In this new series, DeFrancesca adroitly mixes references to photography, painting and display technology. Employing characteristics that traditionally established the provenance of a painting, in combination with digital technology and its ‘simulative’ nature, the artist’s works seem an embodiment of art as the highest expression of late capitalism. Like a fragmented stream of images and sound bytes coalescing from a collective conscious, DeFrancesca’s works are symptomatic of our mediated, consumer culture.


DeFrancesca graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design in 1990. His work has exhibited in Canada and the United States and is included in various private and corporate collections throughout North America and Europe.

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