Joe Fleming – “Remain Calm” – 2009


Joe Fleming – “Remain Calm”

‘Remain Calm’ will showcase irregular shaped surfaces with a selection of the work being multi-dimensional. Divided into two distinct groups, this work reflects Fleming’s investigations into his childhod dreams of being a rockstar and travelling the world, while he other grouping reflects a more personal and dramatic element in the artist’s life.


Using two distinctive disciplines, Joe Fleming’s paintings exist in a comfortable equilibrium between storytelling and mark making. Pulling from art history, pop culture, and his personal experiences, Fleming creates works that verge on the diaristic. Interested in the environment created by juxtapositioning flat imagery with expressionistic and textural paint application, Fleming enjoys breaking down his imagery to dot-patterns before painting them onto abstract grounds.


Fleming works with a variety of materials including wood panel and plexiglas. He states, ‘I enjoy a surface I can alter before and during the painting process – I gouge, cut and grind into the materials as if I’m drawing with a giant pencil’. Fleming uses power tools and spray enamels alongside his brushes and acrylics in order to evoke the frenetic nature of his urban existance.



Fleming exhibits internationally and has been reviewed in publications like the Canadian Art Magazine, Globe & Mail, and Azure. His work has been collected by the Art Gallery of Alberta, the Canadian High Commission, and the Canadian Postal Museum in Ottawa. Other collections include: Corporate Trimark Mutual Funds, Scotia Bank, General Electric, AT&T, Magna International, Pricewaterhouse Coopers (Malaysia), HSBC Bank (Malaysia), and the Australian High Commission.

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