William Perehudoff – “60’s – 90’s”, 2008


William Perehudoff – “60’s – 90’s”, 2008

Newzones is very excited to announce a solo exhibition by William Perehudoff, one of Canada’s most senior abstract painters.

Born in Langham Saskatchewan in 1919, William Perehudoff has been painting for the last seven decades. Through his artwork, Perehudoff has carried on a dialogue with both American colour field painting and the European abstract tradition. He has, it can be said, done so in a more sustained way than have any of his western compatriots.

William Perehudoff’s sensibilities towards painting are described in the following quote from Nancy Tousley, guest curator of Bill’s exhibition at the Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK in 1993:

“Since those early Emma Lake workshops, Perehudoff has continued to see painting as a space in which a dialogue among forms gives rise to feeling. He begins a painting with one form and adds another and another, building towards a unified whole. But whether he has ever completely given up form-as-metaphor for pure formalism is a moot point. He has taken what he can use from what he has learned, sometimes contrary to the sources, and made his own synthesis as artists do.”

Throughout the 50’s and 60’s, Bill was an active participant in the Emma Lake Artists’ Workshops and participated in workshops attended by Will Barnet (1957), Herman Cherry (1961), Clement Greenberg (1962), Kenneth Noland (1983), and Donald Judd (1968). In 1988, he was a workshop leader at Emma  Lake. Bill Perehudoff received the Order of Canada, recognizing his outstanding artistic achievements and for his ongoing contributions to Canadian art.

60’s – 90’s will feature four decades of work and run from March 8 – April 5

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