Barry Weiss – “Barry Weiss”, 2007


Barry Weiss – “Barry Weiss”, 2007

Born into a fourth generation ranching family in the Cypress Hills Area of Saskatchewan, Weiss’ prairie roots influence the texture and scope of his painting.

A self-taught landscape painter, Weiss’ paintings hold an old world aesthetic but contain a unique contemporary edge.  His many layers of richly colored oil create dreamlike, enigmatic landscapes that depict the Saskatchewan landscape through the use of a mood filled palette.  Those who know the prairies can experience these works through romantic eyes yet are conscious of the reverence each canvas holds for the landscape’s tumultuous beauty.

The artist elaborates: “My fundamental goal in painting is to express with freedom my reverence for what is natural. I hesitate to say “nature”, as it is an unfortunate term having too much suffered the erosion of careless overuse. To be true to my purpose, I in fact revel in the sensual possibilities of experiencing “nature”.”

Weiss has studied acting, directing, drawing and photography at the University of Saskatchewan where he received a Bachelor of Arts, and in 1990 studied in Paris at the Sorbonne.

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