Cybele Young – “Fated Compositions”, 2007


Cybele Young – “Fated Compositions”, 2007

Cybèle Young creates intricate and intriguing objects out of paper.  By twisting and turning tiny paper strips, she creates miniature sculpted objects that are testimony to the engaging power of art.  In scenes that are often only a few inches high, Young creates quirky, often tongue-in-cheek narratives that engage each viewer in a different way.

Young’s fascination with textile points to her interest in how their creation denotes social structure.  Through her labour-intensive activity, her works ultimately reveal both the hand of the artist as well as our own view of the world around us.  Each tiny construction is like a witty inside joke that you can extrapolate from, creating clever narratives of your own.

Cybèle Young attended the Ontario College of Art, where she majored in sculpture and printmaking. Her work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions, including the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the Biennale Internationale d’Art Miniature in Quebec. She has won various awards, including the Sculpture/Installation Faculty Award at the Ontario College of Art, the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild Japanese Paper Place Award and the Ernst & Young Best Original Print Award at the 1999 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

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