Jonathan Forrest – “Recent Paintings”, 2007


Jonathan Forrest – “Recent Paintings”, 2007

Part of the vibrant next generation of Saskatchewan’s abstract painters, Jonathan Forrest’s boldly coloured acrylic paintings playfully reference post-war abstract painting.  But instead of introspectively exploring the canvas, Forrest’s layered works lift from the surface, tactfully invading the viewers’ space.

In the context of a history of painting defined by flatness, Forrest re-invents the idea of contemporary prairie painting.   His multi-layered works play within the limitations of a flat surface while opening up new possibilities for spatial composition.

On these recent paintings, Sky Glabush, writer and fellow painter, states: “Forrest has, recently and finally, allowed colour to occupy center stage. Like compressed and stacked blocks of LEGO, his paintings now pit high-key colours against one another with sure-footed savvy.”

Born in 1962, Edinburgh, Scotland, Jonathan Forrest received both his Bachelors and Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan. He also attended the Emma Lake Artist’s Workshop and became an organizer in 2001. His work had been widely exhibited within Canada and can be found in many public collections including: the Canada Council’s Art Bank, University of Saskatchewan and the Art Gallery of Alberta.

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