Joshua Jensen-Nagle – “Portraits of Memories and Dreams”, 2007


Joshua Jensen-Nagle – “Portraits of Memories and Dreams”, 2007

Focusing on industrialized land and city-scapes, Jensen-Nagle’s recent photographs question the nature of our relationship with our environment.  Caught like long forgotten debris of modern technology, these blurred images of highway overpasses, light standards and assorted industrial stacks create nostalgic works that play on the theme of degradation.

Showing alongside this landscape series is a new series of animal images taking from the Natural History Museum in New York.  Also playing on the theme of degradation, Jensen-Nagle’s animal series elaborates on the issue of man-made environments to include the breakdown and consumption of the natural environment that surrounds us.

Originally from New Jersey, Joshua Jensen-Nagle moved to Toronto to pursue his artistic education at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in 1999.  Since graduating in 2003, Jensen-Nagle has experimented with image formats, production techniques and materials.  For more recent bodies of work, he used a toy camera and expired Polaroid film – the resulting image is then transferred onto canvas and covered in a thick coat of hard, glossy resin.

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