Group Exhibition – “Line & Colour” 2021

Group Exhibition – “Line & Colour”

Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce Line & Colour, a rotating group exhibition featuring Michael Batty, Mark Birksted, Vicky Christou, Kristofir Dean, Franco DeFrancesca, Jonathan Forrest, Geoffrey Hunter, Anda Kubis, Marie Lannoo, Philippe Pallafray, Rana Rochat, and Janna Watson.

Line and colour are two key components in the visual language of abstraction. The way in which each artist approaches their practice varies greatly. Line & Colour highlights artwork that goes beyond the essential utilization of these formal elements; exploring the extensive potential of line and colour as the primary subject of interest. Though the artworks throughout the exhibition are stylistically different, they find commonality in the dedication to these foundational qualities and its undeniable importance to the art making process.

Throughout the exhibition, colours range from soft and subdued to bold and vibrant; intuitive and organic instances of colour stand in contrast with precise and purposeful palettes. The selection of colour, along with its method of application, lends itself to the viewer’s understanding of each artist’s work. From energetic and expressive, to exact and calculated, the use of line, in conjunction with colour, informs the viewer’s emotional response to each artwork and varies immensely. The diverse range of artists featured in Line & Colour demonstrates the limitless potential of these formal elements through their expansive approaches to abstraction.
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