Samantha Walrod – TBA

Samantha Walrod

Solo Exhibition 2022

Newzones is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Alberta-based artist, Samantha Walrod.

Samantha Walrod received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta in 2013. Her paintings can be found in various private collections across Canada.

Samantha Walrod is best known for her paintings depicting Canadian wildlife, and multimedia floral artworks. Walrod uses many layers of paint, collage, photography and inks, as tactility is a very important element of her practice. Images are incorporated with collage and digital technologies, while maintaining the exploration of paint. The act of collage brings construction to the surface of Samantha Walrod’s artworks. The edges of ripped paper, slight tonal difference in the photographs and the addition of paint on top of the images all act as a filter or an interpretation of the subject matter.

Samantha Walrod’s work is influenced by similarities and differences between imagined or reconstructed environments, with the figurative elements often created from images of the Canadian wilderness.

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Bradley Harms, "The Fickering", 2021, ac/paper, 14x11 at Newzones Gallery, Calgary CanadaJanna Watson, The Cardinal's Song, 2021, Mixed Media on Birch Panel, 60x60, Newzones Gallery, Calgary, Canada