Fresh Faces | Invitational Group Exhibition 2023

FreshFaces at Newzones Gallery

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Newzones is thrilled to announce the third edition of the invitational exhibition, FreshFaces.

FreshFaces is a curated exhibition which brings together select artists from North America for a one-time group showing. Surveying each artist’s practice in depth, FreshFaces will analyze the ways in which the artists challenge both the traditional use of materials and formal aesthetics through painting, photography, mixed media and sculpture, resulting in a stimulating and fresh view of “New to Newzones” and “New to Calgary” talent.

Artists included:

Annie Briard
Recently collected by the Canada Council Art Bank, Annie Briard (BFA, MFA) is a Canadian artist known for her practice in expanded photography and digital media. Briard’s work challenges how we make sense of the world through visual perception. Creating lens-based and light-focused works, Briard explores the intersections between perception paradigms in psychology, neuroscience and existentialism.

Briard is a lecturer in photography and media arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

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Maxwell Mustardo
Maxwell Mustardo is an American artist who engages with ceramics as a polyphonic medium: one that speaks in multiple registers simultaneously. By working within simple constraints, such as the format of the mug, vase, or torus, Mustardo explores orchestrating elements of surface, form, materiality, and function. Many projects revolve around broad, reverential notions of the vessel, the body, and language. Attempts are made to continually dissect processes, revisit forms, and reframe themes to agitate evolution and antagonize static thinking. Objects are focused upon as vital witnesses and participants, reflections and poems, animate and imagined.

Janna Robins-Walters
Janna Robins-Walters is an award winning multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto. Using paint, pencil, collage, digital tools, photography, colour, form and texture, Robins-Walters captures the essential character and mood of her subjects. Artist, friend, daughter, mother, sister and partner – Janna’s work reveals nothing is as it seems, making sense of the world by discovering what lies beneath the surface of everyday objects.

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Mira Song
Mira Song (BFA, MFA) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver BC and Seoul, South Korea. In her practice, Song explores natural and constructed public spaces, reframed through the embodiment of different senses that trigger memories and imagination. Song investigates this aesthetic territory by gathering objects and images of architectural and natural spaces which she then re-appropriates into multi-media works, including painting and sculpture. By transforming these spatial images through her work, Song attempts to explore complex relationships between architecture, perception, and imagination.

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FreshFaces is curated by Sabrina Sullivan, Assistant Director of Newzones. Sabrina has been passionate about promoting the gallery’s artists for over 15 years, and dedicated to helping build Newzones into one of North America’s leading contemporary commercial art galleries, through her involvement in the Calgary contemporary art scene, and working in the international contemporary art world through art fair participation.

Sabrina received a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Art History from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. She was then accepted into Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, England, where she obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine and Decorative Arts.

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Kristofir Dean, The Frontier, 2023, Newzones Gallery, Calgary, CanadaAnda Kubis solo exhibition installation at Newzones Gallery: "Languorous" - view four