David Pellettier


Canadian sculptor David Pellettier has an exhibition history of over 40 years. Working primarily in bronze, his work has been collected by Canada Council Art Bank, City of Toronto and University of Toronto, to name a few. David Pellettier taught at OCAD fom 1985-2014 and is a recipient of several grants.


David Pellettier’s life-like sculptures are often classically inspired and highly detailed. Of his work, he states:

“Tiny bronze sculptures of James Joyce in his youth and in old age, Saint Sebastian, a St. Bernard, a burning school house and biblical figures and images seemingly from dreams or nightmares. These diverse images evolved from objects from home, studio, photos and from my love of traditional western art forms, each modeled with careful attention to their plastic and tactile presence. The transformation of seemingly random bits and pieces from my actual surroundings and cultural constructions into these tiny sculptures reflect an ongoing cataloguing of points of reference in daily life.

“…I am struck by the idea that my own sculpture and installation practice in some ways parallels the art of the mapmaker; the creation of systems to locate oneself and for the exploration of ideas using limited but carefully measured means. This is certainly the case with the current series of tiny bronze images mounted on tripod stands. Most are presented on a bowl to suggest the idea of an offering or proposal. The non-hierarchical presentation gives equal weight to both James Joyce and a St. Bernard. In choosing the images I was guided by my own curiosity. All of these works acknowledge, reference, celebrate and occasionally parody my own belief systems.”

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